How NOT to Worry for what’s Next

Deciding what to do with your life is a challenge for everyone coming out of college. It’s your first step into the “real world” and whatever you do could easily shape the next 3-to-5 years of your life. But there isn’t any pressure, right?

As a senior at JBU, I’m often asked the age-old question, “So, do you know what you’re doing after school?”

A fair question, but unoriginal if you ask me. “I don’t know yet,” I reply confidently.

The key word in my reply is “yet,” because not knowing what is ahead of me is natural. If someone knows exactly what’s going to happen to them, they should cash-in on that ability and become a fortune teller immediately. Nobody actually knows what’s going to happen to them or what exactly they will do in the future. An immense amount of pressure is placed on the idea of having a plan for our lives, but the problem is that our lives do not start as soon as we complete our capstone classes.

Our lives have already begun. Instead of searching for some far-off idea of what you want to do when you “grow up,” search for something you enjoy doing now and do it.

If you’re studying business, don’t be afraid to apply to internships and get your feet wet in something you’re interested in. If you’re studying photography or film, do some freelance work. If you’re passionate about ministry, get connected with a local Church and look for where they need help. There is a plethora of things to do during school that can help make the future less scary. JBU students can take comfort in knowing that the courses they’re taking now are adequately preparing them for the professional world. JBU professors worked, lived and succeeded in the professional world, so their teaching and advice carries us a long way.

We can make our plans, complete internships and apply to jobs but, ultimately, we know that merely finding a job is not the end-game of humanity. The end of the Gospel of Matthew does not read “therefore, go find a job.” A job is simply the context in which we spread the love of Christ to others. So next time you’re stressing about what kind of job you need, trust that God will place you in the job where he is glorified. So, keep studying, keep applying to jobs and keep your eyes open for opportunities to glorify him because he is always offering them.

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Jon Schultz

Senior Public Relations major.

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