Five Tips for a Budget-Friendly Spring Break:

For those of us operating on a tighter budget, Spring Break can be a pretty big financial burden. Not only are you not at your campus job for an entire week, but you’re also spending lots of money! Here are some tips on ways to cut costs and not empty out your entire wallet.

1. Couchsurf or Camp

Choose a destination where you know people you can stay with! It’s amazing how quickly even cheap places to stay can add up, and nothing beats free housing. Camping is also another great option to cut down on costs and still have a lot of fun, and it opens up the places you might be able to go.

2. Cook your own Food
Eating out is expensive! Of course, it’s always fun to try the local food wherever you are going. If you can cook the majority of your meals, though, you’ll be saving lots of money. Easy meals like taco chowder or casseroles can be made mostly ahead and then popped in the oven or on the stove at the end of a full day of fun.

3. Go Off the Beaten Path
Some locations (like the Grand Canyon, for instance) are generally just higher priced than others. Consider going to some lesser known national or state parks, or even finding some lesser-known gem along the cost. Everything will be less expensive.

4. Choose Travel Buddies with Similar Budgets
It’s hard to be the only person worried about money. Go on trips with other people who are trying to be thrifty and you’re more likely to succeed! In fact, you’ll enjoy the entire trip more if you and your travel companions are on the same page about budget, activities, and what you want to get out of it.

5. The More the Merrier!
The more people you go with on a trip, the more people there are to make memories, and to split the gas bill. Don’t invite people just for the monetary aspect, but it’s definitely a perk of going with a bigger group.

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