Why You Should Get Out of Bed Earlier

There aren’t very many college kids who get up at 6:15 every morning.

I love it. My alarm goes off and I wake to a dark room, the blinds are drawn and my roommate is a lump under her blanket. I pad out of the room as quietly as possible, go downstairs, open the blinds, brew a pot of coffee and watch the sun start to rise.

I’m the only one awake. I curl up on the couch under my soft, comfortable blanket and crack open my Bible for my morning devotion.

I sit in the stillness, watching the world wakeup.

College is so busy. You’d think that with classes taking up just 50 minutes or so, you’d have endless free time. But you don’t… there are lunch dates and chapel, work study and group project meetings, cause ministries and extra curricular obligations. Even when you’re not actively involved in something, you’re receiving and responding to emails, text messages, and the ever-growing call of social media and Netflix.

It’s important to find time to just be. Even if you find yourself loving the busyness, thriving around all the people, don’t let yourself get so busy that you can’t reflect and process what you’re learning—academically and personally.

Take time to get to know yourself, to center your life around God. Lay claim to some time where you can be free from your responsibilities and your friends.

My life has been the better for it, anyway.

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Valerie McArthur

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